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This is a mini-website for Northern Colorado families and service providers pursuing learning/childcare pod arrangements in the Covid-19 pandemic. Encompasses Larimer and Weld counties.


This mini-website hosts the ads for Northern Colorado families and service providers pursuing pod arrangements. It is related to the Pandemic Pods-Northern Colorado Facebook Group, but you do not have to be a group member to use this site. Northern Colorado encompasses Larimer and Weld counties. It was a community-based effort thanks to donations from the Facebook Group’s administrators to cover the costs of web hosting and domain name and time donated by a Colorado State University faculty member to develop this site. No service or support is provided by the web developer. Use at your own risk.

What if I’m located elsewhere?

Spin-off groups are welcome to form to provide even more local support or for other counties in Colorado. Those who are NOT in these counties may join the national Facebook Group and will find posts tagged with the keyword “networking” and will find a Colorado one. You are also welcome to fill out their Google Form to request to form your own local chapter. Other Colorado pod chapters we know about: Loveland, Denver, St. Vrain, and Boulder Valley School District.

How to post and search ads

This is a page you do not want to miss! Yes, I know you regularly figure things out without instructions, but this website was built as cheaply as possible while occasionally drinking wine and eating chocolate pondering what oneself has gotten into doing. SO, read the how-to page BEFORE posting or searching ads!

What is a pod?

Pods are a 2+ families that agree to share schooling/tutoring, childcare, and/or socialization for their children. This can be done through hired services, through the parents/guardians themselves providing support and guidance to the children, or a mixture of the two. The aim is to keep contact circles small and safe in this pandemic while providing much needed support to families and children. It takes a village, right? Well, we need very small villages now. Additionally, an aim is to make such support equitable and inclusive for the most families possible. Each pod can determine its own safety parameters and goals. PLEASE REACH OUT TO YOUR SCHOOL TO REQUEST THEY PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR PODS AND/OR CONNECT FAMILIES TO THE IDEA.

Pods are compatible with public school in-person or hybrid curriculum, 100% virtual curriculum, homeschooling, socialization or play dates, tutoring/homework support, and simply childcare (nanny sharing, caregiver childcare trading, in-home daycare). To learn more about possibilities, check out Four Types of Schooling and Childcare Pods Explained and join the national Facebook Group for bigger picture discussion and resources. Many public school districts in our area are offering a 100% virtual option; check with your district for details. Supporting our public education system in this time is imperative.

How do I find help or resources for my pod or pod services?

Service providers for pods like nannies, tutors, teachers, licensed providers can post ads to this site! You can start your search for those for-hire services on the pod ads page, but you may want to double up your efforts on more established sites like care.com. To ask about or share resources regarding laws, contracts, curriculum, and more, please join and ask or share in the Pandemic Pods-Northern Colorado Facebook Group. Another good starting place with some of these resources already share is the Pandemic Pods – Main Facebook Group (click on the topic tags for Resources, Legal, etc. or do a search to see if what you’re looking for is there before posting). Please ensure you are following applicable childcare laws.

Start here with a few other resources to continue learning more: