How to Post and Search Ads

Reading directions?! You’re a smart cookie, aren’t you?

Best Practices for Posting and Finding Ads

When you go to post or search ads, you will be using a tool that functions like online classified ads. Remember Craigslist? :::Shudders::: We hope it doesn’t devolve into whatever Craigslist is these days, but it sort of works like that. You post your ad by creating an account on the site, entering some details in a form (uploading images with your ad is optional), and then your ad will be posted. All ads will expire after 4 weeks. You may renew or post a new one then if needed.

You may post more than one ad, if, for example you are seeking a pod but you also provide pod services. Posting separate ads for different needs is welcome. At this time, ads are not being moderated before posting, but it could be taken down. Posting multiple copies of the same or very similar ad is frowned upon. ✌️ Trust in the search and filtering features that you will be found.

To find ads, it is best to do a search AND browse by category. For example, if you’re looking for families who attend your child’s school, you can search for that school but you should also click on the category link for the school.

How to Create an Account, Post, and Manage Ads

To post, change, or delete an ad to this site, you must first register. If you already created an account, you will just login with the email address and password you used previously. You can always reset your password from the login screen. To edit or delete your ads once you are logged in, visit your dashboard.

If you’re wondering, “what account? what password? why is this so hard?!” Send an email with kindness and patience to and you will get a secure password and login instructions emailed to you. And remember, this is a free-to-use rudimentary website to help people network that’s managed in full-time working parents’ little spare time. 🤗

Use Several Categories for Best Results

Yes, there is a search bar, but the best thing you can do for your ad is to APPLY SEVERAL CATEGORIES!! You’ll see a lot of categories you can apply to your ad and there is no limit to how many you apply. You want to apply the categories that best apply to your ad. Some examples of categories you’ll see include:

  • Type of ad (choose only 1): seeking pod, pod seeking to hire help, for hire services
  • Ages/grades: Daycare age, elementary, middle, and high school
  • Schools: public schools and their 100% virtual options, homeschool, and other/no listed
  • Location (you can also type the location in to your ad, but please also use this category to increase the chances others will find your ad)
  • Learning accommodations
  • Covid-19 risk tolerance

Category Descriptions

What ads are allowed?

No one likes people who post ads unrelated to learning/childcare pods here, but especially the site admins who will swiftly delete your ad and throw egg s at your car in a parking lot on a very hot, dry day. (That latter part may be a joke.) Ads that are repetitive or not directly related to finding learning pod members and/or providing pod services will be deleted without notice and users may be banned for repeat offenses. Types of ads that would be deleted include those with inappropriate images, suspicious web links, marketing illegal services/businesses, marketing most products, but especially those that are not geared toward children’s education and those promoting multilevel marketing opportunities or products. Site admins will delete ads at their discretion with aim of protecting the community and the intent of this website.

If problematic or repetitive ads become a problem, we will immediately launch a moderated posting process. That means instead of your ad going live right away, you have to wait until it is approved by a site admin who is merely doing this in their very, very, very little spare time in between work, child care, and living through a pandemic.

So be a good person and don’t ruin a good thing for everyone, okay? 😊

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